LM Performance signs exclusive deal with Mountune

There is a new name on the block in the oils and additives sector as LM Performance has launched its involvement in the UK motorsport scene by signing a deal with highly respected engine specialists Mountune to use Liqui Moly lubricants and additives exclusively.

LM Performance signs exclusive deal with Mountune David Mountain Robb Gravett Jeremy Aston-Phillips 10w-60 Synthoil Race Tech GT1


Famed over four decades for building competition engines that have won at the highest level in racing and rallying plus its array of performance parts, Mountune’s motorsport involvement in 2022 is focused on building engines for frontrunning British Touring Car Championship team Motorbase Performance. As well as this, Mountune are supplying the engines for the GB3 and GB4 single-seater series, rallycross and an array of other engines across various other motorsport sectors.

David Mountain with Robb Gravett 1990 Championship Winning British Touring Car BTCC Mountune LIQUI MOLY


The Hutton-based specialist tested Liqui Moly’s 10W-60 Race Tech GT1 oil on a dynamometer for 24 hours and were delighted with the outcome, as Mountune founder David Mountain explains: “Having run an extensive engine dyno and car test of the Liqui Moly oil and Cera Tec additive on a race engine, we found the performance of the products to be excellent. After the addition of the Cera Tec, we also noticed an increase in horsepower which is something that we’ve never seen before from an additive. In addition to that, we also tested a variety of products in our engine shop and have been very impressed with the quality of the Liqui Moly assembly lubes and other workshop products.”

Founded by former British Touring Car Champion Robb Gravett and joined by business partner and fellow petrolhead, Jeremy Aston-Phillips. LM Performance is a Liqui Moly UK partner. They are bringing the pick of Liqui Moly’s 4,000-strong product range to the UK market and are proud that Liqui Moly are among the market leaders in reducing friction in the engine and drivetrain, thus enhancing performance and longevity while reducing emissions and fuel consumption.

David Mountain with Robb Gravett Trakstar 1989 BTCC Car Mountune LIQUI MOLY


“David and I got together a long time ago and achieved a lot of success,” Gravett recalls. “Now, with the Liqui Moly products being so good, and Mountune being so impressed by the results that they’ve achieved with them, this new relationship has the same feel about it, so it’s great to be joining forces again.”

“Engine oil is all about the base oil and the additive pack, and Liqui Moly only use the best,” says managing director Aston-Phillips. “LM Performance only supplies Liqui Moly oils, additives and their extensive workshops range, as they work and we have the results to prove that. We love the sight and sound of internal combustion engines, so if we can help them to perform better and have a reduced effect on the environment, then that is a tick in the box. We want to do more than just supply our customers, as we want to provide a service that educates them on how to look after their engines, therefore extending their life through best practice and to achieve the full benefits of Liqui Moly’s products.”

LM Performance isn’t focused solely on motorsport, as it also supplies Liqui Moly oils, additives and a variety of other chemicals suitable for the tuning, classic car, commercial vehicle, agricultural and marine sectors.

LM Performance is looking to expand its network of motorsport, tuning and classic car specialists.

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